Event Production

Are You Looking For an Event Production Team to Bring Your Ideas to Life?

We Don't Just Design Your Event Experience, We Build It!
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Meticulous consideration is given to your message and the way it will be presented for maximum impact. Our teams work in tandem to deliver your event content and material for maximum efficiency and ease of execution.

We Shape Our Buildings: Thereafter, They Shape Us.

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Creativity at Every Step

Event Design & Production

Got an idea, or a blank slate? No problem. We can execute your vision or shepherd you through the process.

Show Visualization

No surprises. We'll show you how your event will look before we even put boots on the ground.

Audio Visual Production

We marry the right gear with our network of talented professionals and skilled technicians, to execute your event, flawlessly.

Broadcast Staging & Direction

Our tech savvy personnel will make sure everyone catches your good side.

Live Video Streaming

Reach a wider live audience around the world, with solutions for audience engagement and translation services.

Permanent Installations

The nature of events can get to feeling like a futile loop of, “set-up/take down,” so we're always stoked to get to build things that will stick around a little longer.

Festival Production

Outdoor events bring on a host of extra considerations, from weather to crowd safety.

Stage Design & Production

How do you translate your brand into vivid impactful aesthetics and memorable experiences? We'll show you.

Stage Management

With the coordinated effort of an Apollo mission, our staff will handle all the on-site logistics of your event.

Print Production

There's something exciting about a tangible, printed piece no matter the size, from custom wine labels to custom motor-coaches.

Yeah, we can handle that.
Yeah, we can handle that®.

Decibel delivers on-time, on-budget, and on-point.